Vikas Singh Baghel

Founder & Chief Editor

As we witnessed a few crucial days to Cherish & Promote Environment and Wildlife Conservation in the months of June, July as tiger day followed by lions day in August this year. The big cats especially the tiger in India, being the umbrella species, it’s conservation leads to Wildlife Conservation in different ways. the increase in tiger population shows the prosperity of other residents of the jungle, as food chain is the crucial indicator of well-being of the jungle. Either downfall or dominance of any species directly affects the jungle by disturbing the food chain.

The change in colour of any species to white in particular is termed as albinism. Actually there are two more conditions that led to whiteness, they are leucism and isabellinism. The white tigers are termed as partial albinos. the first white tiger found in wild was in presently called Sanjay dubri tiger reserve in sidhi district of MP. As of now all the white tigers are in captivity either in zoos or breeding centres in many countries of the world. The initiative to reintroduce them in the wild is on the go and hopes we could see them again in wild than in captivity.

The humans in need or greed have made themselves more wild than those so called wild animals of Jungle. The illegal skin trade, ivory trade, horns, claws, scales etc led to butchering of animals making humans more wild and ferocious than that of wild animals. We need to know and remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, these last almost 2 years are the best live examples to learn from, if you disturb nature’s balance then you will be paid back. We need to act fast and together in restoring nature as much as we can as we are destroying the same in rapid rate. In the process of restoration we have to protect and promote endemism as it restores the ecology and balance of the nature. The exotic breeds influence the local ecology at very drastic rate leading to many problems. We have lot of biodiversity to save and we can do so by helping in restoration through many natural ways. It is not at all choice now but need of the hour. This edition of ours pays tribute to India’s best known environmental activist Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna who passed away in may this year leaving his legacy in the form of ways and works in conservation specially forests and wildlife.

Almost every country is dealing with human – Wildlife conflicts in their ways but the problems and solutions are almost the same. The threat animal (so called) changes so the ways of mitigating the conflict. Africa is also dealing with the same problem as now humans are slowly entering the animal dominant areas or crossing their path of migrations. The pandemic has created a lot of unemployment in different sectors and in almost all the countries and the major sufferers are the daily wagers leading them to easily indulge In illegal activities like poaching, Wildlife Trade, Illegal Deforestation etc. we are into the hard times and so are the animals as the PA’s are not well funded due to rapid decline in tourism in past one and half years. The expected third wave could prove last nail in the coffin for many of the businesses especially dependant on tourism. Let’s hope and pray that third wavecould be resisted by vaccination and precautionary measures so that the things could get back to so called normal for everyone. May God be kind to the humanity and the lives prevailing…