Jaspreet Singh Reel (Co-Editor )

As a profession he is an IT expert worked in various online platforms (like websites/graphics and software) since 2006, but as person he always love to meet and link people around him or comes to be in touch with him, also have a bonding of some kind with Mother Nature and its elements around earth.

As Jaspreet tells that “our mother nature give everything what a human being wants or needed to survive but in its against it never asks back anything”. But it is our duty to do something to heal/conserve the nature unless and until it gets too late. We can’t become selfish enough to neglect the support and help and sometimes care that our nature gives.

Since 2008-09 he was associated as a tour designer cum operator, to become a part of Tourism Industry with a company called “MP Tour and Travels.Com, owned by Mr. Vikas Singh Baghel” also a dear friend of Mr. Singh. His second profession tells you and links him why he loves nature and other aspects of it.

While working with this Industry he found that how this industry/company works in different aspects of Nature and Wildlife with various places in MP or India for the people to visit the natural beauty of earth like rivers, waterfalls, hills, jungles and its wildlife etc. This gave him another boost to be as close part with various aspects of nature and its beautiful places.

He thinks that a person should always love and respect its nature and always give something back to it, in whichever way and whichever form if possible. Because we live in this earth due to him and when we decide to damage or destroy him it will affect back to us and other living beings of nature that is also a very important part of the nature and earth.