Ruchi Mishra (Editor)

A lady who is post-graduate and pursuing PhD in the field of Fashion Technology and also being a Fashion Designer by profession is heartily connected with Nature. Since childhood she is always caring towards pets as well as gardener by hobby knows and understands the importance of Nature and its gifts.

As per her she is always ready to work for mother nature and its well being through any means she used to take small steps for birds conservation specially sparrows who used to make nests in house and lives nearby livelihood by keeping greens and water for the birds in balcony for roof to facilitate and save them from of Summer.

The way nature is depleting in ways like animals, birds extra and many are in the endangered list of extinctions. It’s a matter of concern for all of us.

recently in Assam 37 vultures which were already an endangered species and are in IUCN red list died due to feeding on pesticides-laced, cattle carcass. Heavy use of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture is not only harmful for animals and birds but humans too and also the predators.

This is a small initiative from which we can save nature, these beautiful plants and trees, animal, birds and complete ecosystem. a strong determination towards work only, completes a quarter of it and same is required for this good work, so join our hands and work for them that is these rivers, hills, birds and animals, their beautiful sounds and presence in our life could sustain in this only form for our up-coming generations