Vikas Singh Baghel (Founder & Chief Editor )

An Entrepreneur since 2008, always has a vision of healing mother nature in any of the ways but couldn’t find anything solid to facilitate for the same.

Always engaged in small activities of planting trees nearby residence and office, in the form of earthen pots, always tried to spread greenery through these small but fruitful activities.

As in 2009 founded the company MP Tour and Travels.Com the promotion of Tourism in Madhya Pradesh though online and offline arrangements started and hence it I the vital part in the formation of society. As tourism directly depends on nature, wildlife and MP is basically famous for its 5+ Tiger reserves and National Parks. So, it is mandatory to save nature and its beings to maintain the flow of Tourists in the heart of incredible India and during the same time started the IT Company too named Web Makers India.Com Bhopal to develop and maintain the group of tourism websites of MP Tour and Travels.Com


Being human we cannot keep ourselves from the responsibility, other plants and animals follow to keep mother nature flourished and replenished in time to maintain Eco System of the planet, every living being almost is stick to their basics in keeping mother nature intact except humans, they being the smartest as they use their mind to the fullest have made the world full of machines calling each the science and its discoveries in making our life go easier with more luxury less harms as too from nature like rain, sun, wind, hails etc and also tried keeping everyone out of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms, landslides etc. It’s actually a race of survival and that too in better way overcoming the outcomes or hazards of nature like Global warming, landslides, skin diseases even floods in coastal areas. We being the smartest of all the species have to think lo and lot to save the basics of nature its variety of floras and faunas across the Earth.

Earlier the earth was called a blue plant or the green plant due to only visibility of water and plants from the sky but now only water is visible and that too in ocean nor ponds and rivers, but dams and oceans and the green Earth is now almost a history, only some patches in the form of Tiger reserves or Wildlife reserves can be seen if we need to survive and show the upcoming generations the diversity of floras and faunas on we need to serve for nature so founded the society “Society of Nature Healers Conservators and Local Tourism Development”. It is definitely a very big task or mission to implement and heal earth in quick way but drops make the ocean and we are into the same.

Having the chain of websites promoting tourism in most of the sectors in India, will now promote the society through the same, making people aware and responsible about Nature. The aspect of local tourism is just for the people living nearby the protected areas and remote villages to share some of their economy through tourism as they were earlier dependent on the forests for everything and as they are now the protected zones they have to fight for their livelihood, they cannot hurt as its ban which was the major source of their food the cultivated land is less and it can’t fulfill their needs even cutting down plants too is offence and since they are not literate or that much expert to earn livelihood and resources too are very limited. So we should train them how to earn livelihood, how to live in and near protected areas with wild animals and also promote their specialty as a promotion of tourism or promotion of their products like toys, handicrafts or other specialties to earn them some extra bucks to have better and developed society.

With the hope of help from every single human being I will say “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s Need but not every man’s Greed” – A line noted from online content.

His purpose is to teach people their responsibility not to take their responsibility on Govt. or NGOs like us because everyone is using as per its need so everyone should join hands to show and make the difference as all know healing is not easy.

So, to carry forward the Nature Conservation activities “SNHC Journal” – a Quarterly magazine on sensitising people for Nature Healing and Conservation Practices started in Dec 2019 and he headed the same as Editor – in – Chief.