Vikas Singh Baghel

Founder & Chief Editor

Nature word itself says everything we ought to follow in our life or learn from it, the Nature in human resembles the behavior or a particular kind of it, which classifies or signifies a human being from others.

Nature in general stands for all the materialistic things found on in and around the earth like floras and faunas including us, the metals/ores, water, petroleum etc. Inside the earth and the atmosphere around the Earth.

The beautiful hills, valleys, waterfalls, lakes, jungles, seas, oceans all are beautiful parts of a wonderful nature, and we all the living things from microbes to insects to small animal to large animals like elephants, whales.

God the noble and superior power created all this to sustain life and maintain the life cycle and hence the eco systems and the food chain where everyone is feed in cycle and hence the energy transfers take place.

We humans always exploited Mother Nature as per their comfortability and majorly greed. It is rightly said “Earth or Nature has everything
to fulfill every men’s need but can’t fulfill even single men’s greed” and is rightly so as we are now over exploiting the resources, for which we never had the rights. We need to transfer it to our upcoming generation too with same quality and obviously quantity as we receive from our ancestors.

The fire in Amazon also called “The lungs of Earth” is a result of climate change only which is not properly taken care by the Governments involved. It is acting like a slow poison for nature and hence wildlife and finally the humanity, we need to take care and ought to overcome this by taking guided measures to minimize and hence eradicate this type ofdisasters.

So, Society of Nature Healers, Conservators and Local Tourism Development (SNHC India) with the help of our healing and conservation team are working on the healing and conservation models of saving
Mother Nature without disturbing the eco system.

We the Team of SNHC Journal on behalf of SNHC India seek your involvement in this noble cause. “Thank You” “Jai Hind” “Jai Bharat”.