Vikas Singh Baghel

Founder & Chief Editor

Being the most dominant species on planet Earth, humans have been considering animals and plants witless and impassive, which is very wrong and not at all true. There has been a lot of recorded incidents wherein unexpected behaviour or action has been observed from two different species not only for fight for survival in the wild, but also showing their emotional aspect inspite of occupying varying positions in the food chain.

Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most prominent sanctuaries of MP with high number of tigers. Hence we can say, a to be tiger reserve located on the outskirts of Bhopal, the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Our cover page is featuring the newly launched logo of the same.The first butterflies survey was conducted here recently. It was a first of its kind of citizen science initiative in this landscape.

About 71% of Earth’s surface is occupied by only one global ocean, which has been divided by the oceanographers and named as four different regions. Scientists have assessed that about 97% of the world water is contained in the global ocean. It plays a crucial role in the water cycle and the rainfall all over the world. Marine life affects the nature of the planet at a fundamental level. Marine organisms, mostly microorganisms, produce oxygen, sequester carbon and even help in creating new lands such as coral building reefs. Likewise, seagrasses provide food and shelter for small invertebrates, small fish and juveniles of larger fish species.

Madhya Pradesh (MP) has about 450 birds including residents, migrants and birds in passage, out of which 150 are winter migrants. MP is also one of India’s largest areas under forest cover with 10 national parks and 25 wildlife sanctuaries. Nature has always stimulated human curiosity leading to exploration and various questions. Exploring the wide range of flora, fauna and their unique habitats to satisfy human curiosity have led humans to answers to the questions. The answers have come in terms of natural cycles, food chain, flow of energy etc. Nature has been consistently answering all the questions raised by human curiosity. The only thing humans have to do is to observe / listen quietly without any preconceived notions and absorb the answers from Nature.

The use of bamboo in lifestyle is creating new opportunities for bamboo workers and craftspeople and is helping in boosting them economically in less time due it’s fast growth. Hence it helps in fast replenishment and reduces dependency on traditional woods for furniture and other uses.

The more you explore Nature the more you get closer, the more you understand, the more you feel and hence the more you sensitise others. It is all about learning by eco trips, field surveys, bird watching camps, census and other similar group activities. These activities give youth the time and the chance to explore,understand and relate with Nature. They also help foresters, scholars, scientists etc. in acquiring deeper and wider knowledge to document the diversity of the landscape and mark out the challenges that are or might be faced by the flora or fauna due to any natural or man-made means.

Better learning creates deeper understanding….