Matter to Energy… Ego to Nature

By Sanjeevi Prasad

Why do humans damage Nature? One of the key reasons is that the human ego (individual as well as group identities) sees itself separate from Nature. Trees take in the carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings and release oxygen, which is useful for humans. They don’t expect anything in return. They consider humanity as an element of Nature. Can we humans do the same thing? We humans take pride in titles such as Prime Minister, President, CM, CEO etc. Can these superhumans do what the trees are doing? These titles are temporary and superficial. They only increase their egos and make them disconnected from Nature.

We humans are very superficial and focus only on the physical dimension which is matter. The scientists are a lot more mature than the politicians, the bureaucrats and the corporate world. They understand that energy is the root cause of matter. The underlying energy is the reason why we are able to wake up from sleep alive.

Sleep is an excellent example for reducing the importance of ego. What does the ego do to keep the body alive during sleep? Absolutely nothing! It is the Natural Energy that keeps our bodies alive while we sleep. So Energy is much more important than matter / ego. Until we realise this simple fact, we would be disconnected from Nature. Our attention has been conditioned to move from inner to outer almost all the time.

This movement has to be reversed – outer to inner. We have to relax and look within ourselves and get back to Natural Energy, which is the difference between life and death for the ego. We have to understand the psychological aspects of our behaviour. We have to find out why we exploit Nature in spite of seeing the harmful side effects.

Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change one’s own self. If one is keen to change one’s own self, the ego has to be dropped. The whole of humanity has to see itself as one of the elements of Nature. Only then Nature can be conserved. By harming Nature, humanity harms itself as well. There is no need to torture ourselves. We simply have to relax and enjoy life as an integral element of Nature 🙂

Then we will find that Happiness is our true nature 🙂

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