Environment and us Nowadays

By Ruchi Mishra, Jaspreet Singh Reel

The environment refers to the totality of natural resources we have received. It includes both living like plants, animals, birds, insects etc. and non living like sunlight, land, water, mountains, etc. It explains the mutual dependency between living and non living resources.

The environment performs 4 crucial functions:

  1. Supplying Resources: The environment contains both renewable (Air, Water, Land, Sun) and non renewable (Fossil, Fuels) resources. The former  one is reusable so will not finish but later has fear of depletion in years to come.
  2. Assimilating Waste: Socio-economic activities generate waste which the environment absorbs through natural processes.
  3. Sustenance of Life: The environment comprises of living components, in the absence of elements such as air, water; land etc. there would be no life on the planet.
  4. Aesthetic value: The environment adds aesthetic value to life. The mountains, oceans, seas, landmasses and other scenery of the environment enhance the quality of life.

Environment Degradation:-

Socio-economic activities such as production and consumption have led to environmental degradation over a last few years. This is recognizable from the fact that there is certain carrying capacity of the environment. When the rate of utilization of resources exceeds the rate of their regeneration, the environment fails to perform its activities. The resulting phenomenon is called environmental degradation.

Resource are limited and hence, their over exploitation is leading to their end. The waste generated in the process also exceeding the absorptive capacity of the environment.

Measures to save environment:-
Continuous efforts are required to deal with the global environment degradation or crisis. The concept of sustainable development thereby comes into play. Some of the measures to be undertaker are;

  1. Pollution Control: – Air, Water, Noise, Soli are some of the major form of pollution degrading the environment today. Pollution control boards must enforce regulatory standards to keep pollution within minimum levels.
  2. Forest conservation and  Enhancement:-Increased industrialization and urbanization has come to the coast of deforestation and also the agricultural demand is punishing people towards forest. As the forests are being cut down the ecology is significantly affected. Plantation or a forestation measure need to be taken on regular basis and forest conservation regulation must be strictly implemented.
  3. Social Awareness: – Until people are made aware of the graveness of the situation, the problem of environmental degradation cannot be dealt with. Creating awareness through different means such as campaigns and movements can help minimize the problem of environmental degradation.
  4. Waste Management: – Solid waste management must be carefully managed in urban areas. Rural waste has the potential of being used as natural manure by converting it to compost.
  5. Implementation of policy programmes: – Enforcement of environment centric acts and policies is not enough. There effective implementation and careful observation are what will actually make a difference to environmental conservation efforts.

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