Harmful effects of Plastic on Animal and Human life

By Prof. Jitendra singh Rajpoot

Those who discovered, manufactured plastics also could not have imagined the harmful effects of plastic in the future. Today we find most of the things wrapped in plastic itself and those which

are not in plastic, we wrap ourselves in plastic. All the living beings have to bear the brunt of the plastic which is used by humans, directly and indirectly.

The plastic that we use in water, land and air, we only get it directly and indirectly, just in small quantity which gradually increases under this process.

We see how our used plastic gets back to us. We use some plastic object, then throw it away. This is the food item in the plastic thrown by us, so animals eat that plastic in the process of eating that food item. Due to which the death of that animal is also certain after some time. When such animals die, they are eaten by carnivorous animals, due to which the same plastic reaches inside them. Some people hunt such carnivorous animals and eat their meat. Almost everyone must have seen how fast the population is increasing, people are also making their food for the aquatic creatures for food. People also put plastic and other materials in the water itself. Those which are eaten by aquatic organisms, later these aquatic organisms are used by humans as their food.

In this way the plastic thrown by us, comes to us in our body. Which in various ways, grips us with diseases. How many species of animals have become extinct due to the mistakes of human beings, human beings have to suffer the mistakes…? Because of us. If human beings keep using plastic like this, then the existence of animals will be lost, he himself will make his body a plastic bank.

Still, we are not going to improve, we are being made mistake on mistake. Everyone knows how harmful plastic is to the environment, directly and indirectly, we also know how important the environment is for the life of animals. Therefore, take a pledge to reduce the use of all plastics, re-use all plastics and if possible, remove the use of plastic from life itself.


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